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The maximum number of people on each Take A Hike walk is determined by the Walk Leader (from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 15, including Walk Leader). This approach has been agreed by current Walk Leaders with safety, physical distancing and route pinch-points in mind. This approach is compliant with Ramblers guidance and Government guidelines. As organised ‘outdoor physical activity events’, Take A Hike (Ramblers) Walks are exempt from restrictions on social gatherings, known as the ‘rule of six’.

If you would like to lead a walk for the group please contact Steve Noble if you haven’t done so already (whether you are new to leading walks for us or not). Thank you.


Take A Hike is required to operate a booking system for all walks. Everyone attending a walk must book a place using the link in the walk description. Booking opens at 8pm 5 days before the date of the walk. Booking closes 24 hours before the walk start time. Please be considerate when placing bookings, to allow everyone to have an opportunity to walk i.e. if there are 2 walks in a week you are welcome to book one and then check the link a couple of days before the walk to see if places are available for the other. If you need to cancel your place please do so promptly to enable someone else to attend.

Walkers are required to follow physical distancing guidance. Do not walk if you or someone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19. See FAQs for further info.

See you soon!

New to Take A Hike? Try 3 walks as a non-member before joining.

Want to lead a walk? Click here to contact the Walks Secretary

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Saturday 5 September, 2020
10 miles
Saturday 5 September, 2020
4 miles
Sunday 6 September, 2020
5 miles
Saturday 12 September, 2020
4 miles
Sunday 13 September, 2020
12.5 miles
Sunday 13 September, 2020
4.5 miles
Thursday 17 September, 2020
3.5 miles
Saturday 19 September, 2020
8 miles
Saturday 19 September, 2020
10 miles
Sunday 20 September, 2020
7.5 miles
Friday 25 September, 2020
3 miles
Saturday 26 September, 2020
13.5 miles
Sunday 27 September, 2020
8.5 miles
Monday 28 September, 2020
4 miles