The new Take A Hike website is now here – we hope you like it!

The old website has done us proud for the last 5½ years but it was high time that we updated it.  So here is our last chance to view the much loved header photo from the old website.

We have kept some of the look and feel of the original site but it has undergone a major update in allowing the Committee to now fully update the content. The site is now mobile responsive allowing you to view the same website on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

One of the major changes is that the walks and socials are now inputted through the national Ramblers website. This allows our walks to be listed on the walks finder on the national Ramblers website and on the West Riding Area website. If you are looking to put on a walk or social you will need to have a login to the national Ramblers website and be made a contributor to enable you to upload your walk or social. Please contact Stephen Noble walks secretary for details on how to register.

We have also combined the walks and socials to one page so that it’s easier to see what the group is doing. We have added a couple of filters so if you are only interested in just walks you can just display walks, same for the socials. We also have a map showing where the walk is starting or the location of the event. There is also the option to add the event or walk to your calendar, but please remember to check the website before the event/walk in case of any changes.

The message board has now been resurrected, you can now access the message board by using social media to login, simple click on the icon for the social media you wish to use to login with. Please note that there is no private messaging so when arranging lifts don’t give out private information, try to arrange a pickup point close to where the passenger lives and give them a time you will be there and what time you will be leaving.

If you have any feedback on the site, or find any bugs, please contact Stephen Noble walks secretary.