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Walks Advice

To get the most out of walking you need to keep yourself warm and dry. Even when the weather forecast is clear, you should still bring along a waterproof coat and an extra layer. When walking in the countryside the temperature and weather can change very quickly and often there is little opportunity to take shelter. Walking boots are the best thing to wear on your feet. Bring plenty of food & drink to keep you going.

There are many different types of kit and prices vary significantly. If it’s your first walk make sure you’re comfortable and you have the basic items. One of the advantages of walking with a group is that you will soon pick up kit advice from other walkers. You’ll find yourself lusting after a 2-litre hydro-system and a 2-season wicking shell in no time!

What should I wear?

  • Walking boots (trainers might be Ok for some short dry walks).
  • Walking trousers (avoid jeans where possible because denim is very uncomfortable & cold when it gets wet).
  • Breathable layers that keep you warm/cool depending on the weather.

What should I bring?

  • Drinks (at least 1 litre of water, consider 2 or more for longer walks or hotter days).
  • Packed lunch (unless it’s an evening walk!).
  • Rucksack – it’s the easiest way to carry your belongings.
  • Something to sit on (a sitting mat or even just a plastic bag) – useful during the lunch break.
  • Waterproof coat (and trousers if you have them).
  • Sun protection – lotion, hat etc.
  • Spare layer in case you get cold.
  • Money for a drink in the pub/café after the walk.
  • In cold weather – a hat and gloves.
  • For evening walks – a torch.
  • For more challenging/remote/hilly walks – a hat and gloves, basic first aid kit, whistle, survival bag, torch & spare food (you may opt to carry these all the time).

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