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Walks Advice

We understand that if you are new to walking that you may not have the full walking kit. As a rule all walks will take a lunch break where you will need to have your own food to eat, and you will also need enough to drink for the full walk (at least 1 litre of water, consider 2 or more for longer walks or hotter days).

For Moderate and above walks you will need a good pair of broken-in walking boots. For some Easy and Leisurely walks trekking shoes may be appropriate, though boots are usually preferable.

Even when the weather forecast is clear, you should still bring along a waterproof coat and an extra layer. When walking in the countryside the temperature and weather can change very quickly and usually there is little opportunity to take shelter if it rains.

In winter you should also carry a hat and some gloves. On mountain and moorland walks you should carry a torch, a basic first aid kit, whistle, survival bag and spare food as a matter of safety.

For more information on starting out, read the Ramblers guide here. One of the advantages of walking with a group is that you will soon pick-up kit advice from other members. You will find yourself lusting after a 2-litre hydro-system and a two-season wicking shell in no time…