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Help keep our footpaths in good repair

Take a Hike now has a Footpath Secretary whose role it is to keep a check on the state of the footpaths, styles, gates and crossing places in our area. Should you come across any problems with access (e.g. blocked paths or styles) or footpaths in a poor state of repair then we would like to know. Please contact Footpath Secretary giving the following information:

  • A reasonably detailed description of the problem.
  • The date you came across the issue.
  • The exact location (with a grid reference if possible).

Armed with this info we can then ensure the appropriate authorities are aware of the issues in our part of the world and are taking action to remedy any problems.

We will also be some making efforts to organise work party days for anyone who is interested in trying their hand at repairing styles and gates and maybe some dry stone walling. This type of conservation work can be very rewarding and makes you feel as though you are making a difference and improving the environment. Many councils and National Park Authorities are cutting back on their spend on footpath maintenance so a great deal of good work only gets done with the help of enthusiastic volunteers. If you fancy getting involved then please don’t hesitate to contact our Footpath Secretary here.