A Message for the Twentysomethings

The Ramblers are keen for adults of all ages to have the opportunity to walk with a local group. Did you know that Take A Hike originated as a 20’s/30’s group in 2002? The age range has inevitably broadened as people discovered the group at different ages over the years, had a fantastic time, made lots of friends and more. As Take A Hike approaches its twentieth birthday, we find that people of all ages enjoy being part of the Take A Hike community.

If you’re at the younger end of the age-range and are looking to walk with a group focused on people the same age as you, here’s an opportunity for you to build a group that could see you through the next decade or two, just like Take A Hike has done for many people.

Volunteers are being sought to be involved in setting up a new Ramblers group aimed at people in their 20’s/early 30’s in the West Yorkshire/Harrogate area. If you would like to be involved simply drop an email to secretary@takeahike.org.uk to register your interest by 12th November. No obligation at this stage. A get together will be arranged to share ideas and take things forward if there is a sufficient level of interest. In the meantime, please come along to Take A Hike if you’re not already doing so!

VERY IMPORTANT​ – Showing an interest in the new group in no way affects your involvement with Take A Hike or any other group. As a Rambler you are welcome to walk with any Ramblers group. The idea of the new group is about making sure younger people have the same opportunities as those people who found Take A Hike in the early days.

Susan Wilkinson
Take A Hike